Tried & True


A few weeks ago I was determined to revive my tired ass butcher block island. I wanted a natural product that was food safe and would have a more natural lustre to it than shine, but not as dull as butcher block oil. Being a total novice at any kind of refinishing I asked a wood working friend. He said buy Tried & True. I headed straight for Woodcraft and let myself be talked into another product called Salad Bowl Finish. To be fair, the man did say he didn't know much about the Tired & True finishes but that this product would give me a food safe shiny surface. I bought it but when I got home realized it wasn't what I wanted at all. I asked Steve (DH) to stop into Woodcraft and pick up some Tried & True for me, 'cuz it's what I really wanted. He explained what he was looking for to the sales man and came home with this. Still not what I was looking for.

Everyone at the store was trying be helpful, so by this time I was convinced I was not properly conveying what I was looking for and even more confused about how to use the product I was hell bent on using. I was at my wood fanatic friend's home 2 weeks ago and told him this sad, boring story… and he showed me his dining table and how he uses the Tried & True. Once again I trudged off to Woodcraft and bought the Tried & True.


I started to sand the minute I got home….


After much sanding and wiping…. I applied Tried & True with my damn hands. No cloths or brushes just dip your fingers in the oil and resin and rub the wood with your hands. After allowing to cure for 24 hours I wiped with some 0000 steel wool and buffed with a dry cloth. I cannot recommend this product enough. My counter has gone from shabby to lustrous with some old fashioned ingenuity and elbow grease.

Moral of this story… trust your gut and wise friends.

7 thoughts on “Tried & True

  1. Rose says:

    It looks beautiful! I noticed a container marked “Dirt” in the background that would be perfect for a compost container. Do you know where you got it??


  2. Retha says:

    Beautiful, Stacey…I’m inspired! I have a round butcher block table de-warping on the patio but was dreading the refinishing step after it levels…but “Tried & True” sure looks like the way to go. Did you use a sander, sanding block or do it by hand?
    Btw, do tell if you know of any equally easy, non-toxic solutions to restoring hardwood floors. We’re having our old carpet removed & there are beautiful h/w floors underneath. The carpet edges I’ve peeked under so far reveal what appears to be perfect hardwood floors…as bright & beautiful as I recall them as a kid. But I’m sure there are some formerly high-trafficked areas that will need of some special TLC. Hahaha, can you believe I’m actually looking forward to cleanup/paintup/fixit time this Spring? Well, let’s put it this way: At least, I’m looking forward to coordinating & supervising” it. 😉


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