Finally…ready to play (ahem, learn)


It took more than a couple trips to the hardware store for me to realize I needed to mix my own stain color.


 The inside of the resonator is glossy cherry red. I'm sure noone will ever notice it, but I know…and it makes me happy.


After staining I stamped these blossoms with silver ink on the back. I had to do this twice, because I rushed the first coat of poly finish and smeared the ink. Smile to frown in 2 seconds… what am I, five?  Imaptience rarely pays off.


ready to play learn


This is a boring photo of my boring bumpy grey laminate kitchen countertops. Yawn.


Here is the new laminate color to be installed soon. I know, it's hard to believe I want laminate countertops when my husband makes concrete countertops, but this is much more in harmony with the warm, cozy retro vibe of my kitchen. He's done so much of the heavy lifting on our home remodeling projects, that it's nice to actually pay a professional when you can. The wisdom of choosing battles wiesly comes with age.


4 thoughts on “Finally…ready to play (ahem, learn)

  1. Amber says:

    Love, love, LOVE!!!! You did a fantastic job! Can’t wait to “play with you.”
    Also am digging that Dirt canister (hyuk hyuk hyuk) and can’t wait to see those new countertops! I’m thinking about swapping out my generic fake stone laminates for a bright white, maybe even with those classic gold flecks. Next year…


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