Spoonful of Dirt


My sister Kelly gifted me a copy of this book. It has beautiful images of usual and unusual home objects used for planting succulents. Inspired, I managed to find a couple vintage planters that weren’t already holding crochet hooks or glitter pens, to plant me some tiny succulents.

All this made me think of the poor leggy succulent that has recently been put out to pasture in the kitchen instead of enjoying it’s usual place in the sun of the living room. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at propagating succulents and went online looking for helpful hints. I came across a tutorial on this blog by two sisters-in-law,  Needles + Leaves. Check out that the DIY Succulent Crown… so very sweet. I dissected my sad succulent and ended up with a pile of jadeite-hued limbs that I need to let sit and dry out for a few days, not hours. Damn.



I’m hoping to have a  few teeny tiny plants to stick in some soil in a few short days. Wish me patience and luck.

2 thoughts on “Spoonful of Dirt

  1. knittedblissjc says:

    ooh, so cool! I hope that your succulent propagating works out, that would be very cool. You’ll have to let us know how long it takes for the new shoots to get roots.


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