The Company of Women

We are not all here for this shot, but from left to right are; Emily, Stacey, Martha & Emma.

I can’t beleive it’s been a whole year! This weekend She Creates Union participated as a group in the Elgin Art Studio Tour. This time last year Emma and I were hatching an idea for a group for women makers and artists whose sole function was to fully support each member creatively while helping each other navigate branding, social media, marketing, and general business best practices.

I remember talking it up with Emily ( while were both doing demos that weekend at G&M Drygoods.


While there are groups like BossBabesATX that organize events and meet-ups in Austin, we were interested in forming a more intimate community in our small town just 19 miles east of Austin and the neighboring towns like Paige, Bastrop, amd Lexington. We particpate here in local events and will be expanding our efforts later this year to markets in Austin and Pflugerville.

Since we formed SCU we have participated in one large festival, an art studio tour, and a couple pop-up shops. We meet once a month and talk about things we’ve been thinking about doing, things we’ve done, and generally cheer eachother on.

Whether at our monthly meeting or via our Slack channel, there is always some nudging, sometimes gently, sometimes not, eachother to raise our prices. We generally suck at pricing our work, but we’re getting better.

I recently saw this quote, “You’re priceless, your work is not.” I cannot find where I saw this yet, but wil link when I do.

Always Learning

To say we’ve all learned a lot in the past year would be an understatement. We are constantly investigating and learning as individuals and bringing our acquired knowledge to the group. Sometimes these fact finding misssions look like sitting in a sales tax class, taking an online course, or visiting a craft market or festival. It’s all learning.

The Best TV You’ll See All Year

Bold statement, or fact? Watch and you tell me.

Seriously my only regret about Season 2 of Fleabag is that I’ve already watched it. All of it. Last night. Couldn’t wait. Now what?

A couple years ago I was telling anyone who’d listen about Fleabag’s first season, and prattling on about the show, badgers, and Fall in this post.

As good as Season 1 was, and it was brilliant friends, Season 2 may be among my top 5 television series ever! Like Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Mad Men good. Oh, and do I need to mention Fleabag’s creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge also created Killing Eve? 

This woman is killing it. Seriously. 

Watch both seasons of Fleabag on Amazon Prime 

And if chic, spoiled, and funny female assassins are your thing… watch Killing Eve on BBC America

Sneak Peek

Saturday & Sunday May 18-19th

Bee has been printing her little heart out this past week. I am so happy with her work. These cards were printed for the Elgin Art Studio Tour this weekend. I will be giving a letterpress demo at G&M Drygoods at 2pm both Saturday and Sunday. Come print your own bookmark!

Any items left after this weekend will be available in my shop, so keep your eyes peeled. Better yet, be sure to sign up for my email list and receive an email in advance of the shop update.

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See EAST schedule here

Praise the Lard & Pass the Biscuits!

Did you know today is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day? There are many ways to make biscuits in this world. Which fat to use, lard, butter, shortening? Buttermilk or cream?

I am a fan of buttermilk and using frozen butter, but have used lard when testing recipes for work. Those were great biscuits, but it’s unlikely I will have any lard on hand to make them again. I did, however, learn to add just a pinch of sugar to the dough.

Here is a great recipe for Skillet Buttermilk Biscuits. The cast iron skillet makes for a wonderful golden biscuit bottom. Try adding a pinch of sugar for slightly sweet edges. Link to recipe here

What’s that you say? National Buttermilk Biscuit day was yesterday? How ’bout you mind your own biscuits.

You Might be A Maximalist if…

One glance at my Instagram feed (and our home) and it’s pretty obvious that I don’t fall in the minimalist camp. Clean white backgrounds, rose gold and millennial pink seem to be the norm. I just I feel happiest surrounded by a lot of color, a room full of books, and small collections of things I love, like snow globes and vintage ephemera. Here is a small sample of my collection of vintage recipe booklets. I wonder if the booklets I received with my Vitamix and Instant Pot will appeal to someone’s sense of nostalgia decades from now. Doubtful, but perhaps these once seemed like everyday design to the consumer.

I just love the images in “I can’t believe it’s not clutter: maximalism hits our homes” from The Guardian

I’m sure some see these images and are overwhelmed by all the color and stuff, but where I find them cozy. I love the

What about you? Are you more of a minimalist or maximalist? Or somewhere in between?

Read “10 Signs You Might Be a Maximalist

I definitely worry less about whether things match than if they’ll fit.

Fireflies in the Garden

I know that the first fireflies of the season are a sign that the days of sweltering central Texas heat, mosquitoes, and 24/7 air conditioning are nigh…

but for a fleeting moment they remind me of fireflies in mayonnaise jars, popsicles, catching sunfish with a net, and riding my bike until the street lights came on.

Out of the Kitchen

Slowly but surely the living room studio is taking shape. I need to think a little on how to best sort and store the million little bits that I use, but I have already been able to jump in and get to work without having to haul everything out of a closet or make room for dinner prep. I love it. I highly recommend carving out your own space to make things if you can. Also, it still is cozy, if not cozier. It is now my favorite room to read, drink coffee, and write my blog posts in the morning before I scoot off to work.

The natural light in this room is perfect all day, bright and golden in the morning and softer as the day rolls on. It’s the perfect place for Olive and I to watch the parade of dogs on walks, neighbors driving their riding mowers to the gas station, and the man on the yellow bike who argues with himself all the time.

I think Bee likes it here, me too.

When I’m Fifty Five

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

On a recent TED Radio Hour author Joshua Prager talked about his new book 100 Years: Wisdom From Famous Writers On Every Year Of Your Life. 

He discovered that the beginning of each decade can come as a shock, but that somewhere in the middle we feel more contentment with our age. I feel this has been true for me… how about you?

My birthday is still 249 days away, but according to Dostoyevsky, my 55th year will be a flowering time of existence when real enjoyment of life begins.

Bring it!

Click here to listen

Run Like You Stole It

No, I’m not running for city council again, but this photo pops up in my feed each May like a bad penny. It reminds me that I once did this super scary thing which was so out of my comfort zone and the rewards are still being counted. Steve and I had been living here less than 2 years (this timeline may be edited later), so this felt crazy.

I was a write-in candidate for my first election… so obviously unplanned and late. As soon as I sent off my application I was struck with fear and called the city secretary to ask about withdrawing my application. She said it was not possible, but that I could run a really bad election if I really didn’t want to win. Excellent advice.

Later that month I was chatting with some people at an art show or potluck and mentioned I wasn’t sure if I was the best person for the job. A local attorney asked me, “Well, are you the worst?”

My reply, “I hope not.”

So I won my first election as a write-in candidate, ran unopposed for my second election, had my drunk neighbor run against me for my third, and had my ass handed to me my fourth run by a candidate who had more cousins than I had votes.

The takeaway?

If I can do this, so can you. All I had to do was show up to serve and listen. A lot. In return I realized I was more brave than I’d thought and gained a host of new friends and a whole new community.

Here’s to making your world larger every day.