Five Friday Favorites

Kale and Caramelized Onion Stuffing has me seriously reconsidering my usual Thanksgiving stuffing. Link to recipe on Smitten Kitchen

Read about the unconventional decision by the owners of Fancy Tiger Crafts are transitioning their business into a coop. Read about it on their website.

Love these quilt paintings!

The French Dispatch Two of my favorite things… movies by Wes Anderson and movies about publishing.

Not sure how I found Lulu Moon Owl Books on Instagram but her digital creations are dreamlike.

The Hand: at the Heart of Craft  

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Earlier this year I heard an excerpt from this article by jeweler and writer Bruce Metcalf on a podcast. I think about this piece often and think it’s worth sharing.

He writes about the difficulty in defining craft, our hands, and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, which I think means that the craftsperson has pre-existing latent abilities, and an innate mix of intelligences in search of a means of expression. 

I am no scientist and this article often goes way over my head, but I can recall the feeling I experienced when I pulled my first print or knit my first scarf. Pure bliss.

I believe this article will resonate in particular to those who work with their hands and have experienced that powerful emotional charge that comes from finding what feels like your hands your meant to do.

This article is beautifully written. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, out your feet up and dive in.

Read The Hand: at the Heart of Craft here

and listen to Cut the Craft podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Making a list + checking it twice ☕️

Yesterday’s Fall Fest & Market Days at Down Home Ranch was a blast! I held back on putting out any new Christmas cards and items, because I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to sell those items. As I say this I realize this may not make very good business… but it feels right for me.

This morning I’m making a list of items I’d like to make for upcoming holiday markets… if I have time. A couple of these new things will be fun to try, so they have stars next to them. I may not get to the rest and that’s okay. 

The luxury of having a day job offers me this flexibility and I’d be unwise not to allow myself some grace. The moment printing and participating in community events like this is no longer joyful… I will know I’ve pushed too hard.

Next up is Shop Small Saturday at Body + Shine Wellness. I can’t wait to trot out my new holiday letterpress & watercolor cards, block printed notebooks, and a handful of new hand printed items.

Upcoming Events

Shop Small Saturday
Saturday, November 27

Body + Shine Wellness
28 N Main Street
Elgin, Texas


Holiday Luna Market
Friday, December 3

Earthen Metals
202 E 1st Street
Elgin, Texas

Hosted by She Creates Union

Best for Last Holiday Market
Saturday, December 18

Ironbridge Farm
Elgin, Texas

Hosted by Felting Farmer Lady

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