The Company of Women

We are not all here for this shot, but from left to right are; Emily, Stacey, Martha & Emma.

I can’t beleive it’s been a whole year! This weekend She Creates Union participated as a group in the Elgin Art Studio Tour. This time last year Emma and I were hatching an idea for a group for women makers and artists whose sole function was to fully support each member creatively while helping each other navigate branding, social media, marketing, and general business best practices.

I remember talking it up with Emily ( while were both doing demos that weekend at G&M Drygoods.


While there are groups like BossBabesATX that organize events and meet-ups in Austin, we were interested in forming a more intimate community in our small town just 19 miles east of Austin and the neighboring towns like Paige, Bastrop, amd Lexington. We particpate here in local events and will be expanding our efforts later this year to markets in Austin and Pflugerville.

Since we formed SCU we have participated in one large festival, an art studio tour, and a couple pop-up shops. We meet once a month and talk about things we’ve been thinking about doing, things we’ve done, and generally cheer eachother on.

Whether at our monthly meeting or via our Slack channel, there is always some nudging, sometimes gently, sometimes not, eachother to raise our prices. We generally suck at pricing our work, but we’re getting better.

I recently saw this quote, “You’re priceless, your work is not.” I cannot find where I saw this yet, but wil link when I do.

Always Learning

To say we’ve all learned a lot in the past year would be an understatement. We are constantly investigating and learning as individuals and bringing our acquired knowledge to the group. Sometimes these fact finding misssions look like sitting in a sales tax class, taking an online course, or visiting a craft market or festival. It’s all learning.

A Small Windfall of Tomatoes & Knowledge


Assorted cherry tomatoes from Little Bluestem Farm, San Marcos, Texas.

I wish I could say these cherry tomatoes are from my own garden, but my teeny crop of four plants could never produce such a bounty as this in just one harvest. These tomatoes hail from a farm that a friend (and fellow productioneer) owns with her husband and two daughters. Shoot, I meant to oven dry these last night.

This podcast on developing a Pinterest strategy is very helpful and chockfull of  good ideas. Guest Megan Auman’s idea that Pinterest is an amazing way for a a small business to create a lifestyle magazine (for free) for their brand made perfect sense to me. I love that she suggests creating specific detailed customer profiles with names. I imagine it’s a bit like a novelist creating a character for a novel. What’s her name? Age? Favorite color? Where does she vacation? What does she wear? I know it sounds maybe a little bit creepy, but I think it would be a fun exercise if nothing else. The use of imagination and profile building appeals to me. To be 100% honest, I’m surprised by how much I liked this sharing of ideas. I don’t normally gush about podcasts about marketing strategies, but I found this one so very interesting. Click here to see Elise’s whole catalogue of podcasts… also enjoy her blog. I do.