Because dogs will be dogs, and squirrels will be dead


So yesterday Steve and I pull into the driveway around 5:40. The dogs had a squirrel treed. As we were approaching it leapt from the tree and was soon screaming as it was in a three-way tug-of-war with the dogs. At this point I ran into the house crying, because I'm made of tough stuff. 
Steve came in a minute later to tell me about the events that followed. I was happy to have missed Roscoe trying to shake the squirrel off his face. (update, I've since been told that Callie was trying to pull the squirrel off his face too) I am pretty sure I would have lost my shit if I had seen that. I immediatley ran out to check on him and he came prancing around the corner with a limp squirrel in his mouth and a very bloody eye.
This not being the first eye injury in our almost 10 years together… I scooped him up, grabbed my purse, called my vet that was closing in 15 minutes and told them I was on my way. They were so kind to stay late for us. He burst an blood vessel and did get scratched, but luckily his cornia was untouched. At times like this I am so happy to living in a small town where not only will the vet stay late, but I can get there lickety split.
I'd hoped this morning that he might be worn out and wanting to rest, but he sat right at the window looking for squirrels. 

Last Weekend

Last weekend looked like this…


hands down, my favorite place to knit


and my favorite little buddy to knit with


i made this


and this


and finished these

Here's hoping for more of the same this weekend. My husband is sick today, and I'm feeling a bit iffy too, so perhaps just the knitting part would do.

I'm almost done with this great beret pattern from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas and though I've cast on for Topiary in a lovely blue green wool, I think I mayswing by Hill Country Weavers right now to pick up an oatmealy Berroco Vintage so that the stitches will be more pronounced. Yep, that' sexactly what I'm gonna do. I'm not normally a big fan of a wool/acrylic blend, but this yarn is really great.

off to the yarn store! 

Donkey Hoti


This is Donkey Hoti, Roscoe's current longtime companion.

Donkey Hoti is not just another well-loved, matted soul in a long line of Roscoe's sad babies loves. He looooves her. He's always been somewhat of a serial monogamist.


First there was Polly Polka Pants. His first love.


She turned her back on him.


He soon hopped into a whirlwind romance with this little bunny.
For the record…I am not claiming to know the sexual preference of my dog, or the stuffies… it's just a story.


She knew she was just a rebound romance, but just couldn't walk away.

This next gal was just plain mean.

and who could forget sweet sleepy Ellie?


Apparently Roscoe, once he met this little chicken.