Game of Scones… Who Will Take the Throne?

Potluck Tableware: Game of Scones spreader $16.50

I have no idea, but you can pretend you’re in the running… just cue the opening credits, jam, and clotted cream. 

Full disclosure, I am letting a few episodes stack up so I can binge on them next week. I’ve managed to avoid many spoilers, which is so hard, but I did catch this lyric video of Florence + The Machine’s version of “Jenny of Oldstones” which you may remember from Season 7. Yeah, I know. Nerd.

Watch it hear (see what I did there)

I find my vintage silver-plated vintage pieces online and in thrift stores, so I never know what I will find… hence the name Potluck Tableware.

Like the series, these spreaders are back for a final season.