Take My Hand…

Picture 9

Thanks to the new Target ads I can't get this theme song out of my head. I knew when I heard those first banjo plinks that it was Free to be You and Me, and I remembered all the words. What I didn't know is what an emotional connection I had with this song. Yesterday morning before work I had to look up the song and hear it in it's entirety. I immediately started to sob, really sob. Not sad painful tears, but I think happy ones. If you were in elementary school in the mid seventies you more than likely remember the series from PBS and probably got to watch it at school too. I can remember how much I looked forward to each segment. I was especially in Love with When We Grow Up with Michael jackson & Roberta Flack. Okay, it just struck me how damn sad and tragic the irony really is, but I digress. In 1974 my sister and I had been with our adopted family about a year, I was 9. I guess this series was just what I needed at a time when I felt like an outsider at school and home. Also wondering if the banjo was familiar to me at that age, since my mother had played one. Hmmm.

Thinking it's time to fix up my mom's banjo and learn to play.

Good start for a Wednesday

Picture 5

A friend just received a ukelele for Christmas and has been combing youtube for ukelele videos. He sent me this link. I promise it will put a smile on your face too. This girl reminds me of my sister….


it's that time again… time to de-christmas the house. It's always a little sad, but must get the tree to the recycling center on Saturday to turn it into mulch. Sunday is my birthday. 44. wow.



I keep meaning to take photos of the beautiful art I received for Christmas, so I will just link to the artists' websites for now.

Oscar Silva
Gone To Pot
Golden Penny Studio

If your life were a soundtrack…

what would the music be? I lifted this from Sarah

Here’s how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every section, type the song that’s playing
5. Next section — press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool

Here’s mine… compiled while sitting in the car wash this morning. I wash my car only when visitors are coming. . . the dog fur battle is endless in my life.

First Day At School:
Liz Phair—Stratford-On-Guy

Falling In Love:
Claudio Arrau—(Chopin) Nocturne No. 16 in E-Flat, Op. 55, No. 2

Breaking Up:
The Consort—Rufus Wainwright

Together Again—The Flying Burrito Brothers

Life’s Ok:
Wayfaring Stranger—Neko Case

Mental Breakdown:
Chain of Fools—Aretha Franklin 

Guilty in Here—Miranda Lambert

You Dropped a Bomb on Me—The Gap Band (holy cow)

Getting Back Together:
Neon Tetra—Tony Rice Unit

‘Si Do Mhaimeo Í—Altan

Birth of a child:
Single Girl—Roscoe Holcomb

Final Battle:
Hard Times—Tim O’brien

Death Scene:
Weather Woman—The Gourds

End Credit:
Faithless Street—Whiskeytown

You Want me to Hold the Chicken, Huh?


After being in the restaurant business for a huge chunk of my life I always love a movie with a waitress. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, 5 Easy Pieces (ah, I mean Tammy
Wynette, Chopin, Bach and Mozart all in one soundtrack..genius) and
what about Karen Black’s Eyes, Spitfire Grill (one of my new faves). Of course, the queen of ’em all, Mildred Pierce. I once worked with a man who wanted to open a restaurant named after the character. I always imagined it to have drag queens with shoulder pads and deep red lips taking your order while looking at you in great disdain. hmmm.

I’m on a roll with "Steve’s Bubbly Yet Still Manly Curtain". I’m resisting the urge to go down a needle size, I think it should actually shrink up a bit since it’s a linen/cotton blend. This would be a good thing, I could always just roll the sides a bit and baste stitch.

I am trying to get over my serious project monogamy and now have a project at home and the office. Still feels weird, but no more schlepping extra bags to work. I swear it’s like I move in every morning and move out at night.