I just remembered I forgot to show this. My lovely handsome assistant Noodle is holding 3 store bought scarves. While these scarves are perfectly nice, they were a gift long before I knit. "Nuff said.

DSC_7807 copy



Abracadabra… with slight of hand and perhaps a little stitching…


Tada! A new woolie throw. Awesome. I have been meaning to do this little project for 2 years. Whew!


Handmade, just not by me…


While I may sew a little, I am not afraid of pillowcases, elastic waist skirts, and curtains… I do not yet have the skills that these cute little numbers would require. So I am enlisting the help of a local seamstress to whip them up for me.  I battled with my inadequacy at first but hey, I'm supporting a local artisan and my local economy. Keeping it handmade and local doesn't mean I need to do it all. Need to remember that.

This morning I filed for re-election for city council… this time I actually get my name on the ballot. I ran as a write in last time. I stopped by City Hall this morning to drop off my paperwork and pay my water bill… and the city secretary gave me a pink cupcake. Small town living rocks.

Monday I fly to the Bay Area to visit my sister and her boyfriend. She's taking time off after some surgery and I so looking forward to hanging around knitting, laughing and watching a lot of movies. My kind of break! The only hard part is trying to decide on a project to start & bring on the trip. We tend to do a lot of laughing and chatting when we visit so I should keep the project easy peasy. I may end up just knitting a big tube scarf out of my cashmere, but these are some contenders…


cluck cluck


I know, I know…I've said this before, but this time I just may mean it! I still worry about my high strung Catahoula making mince meat out of one of the gals… but I think that I just need to try it. If there is blood, we'll build a funeral pyre and I can always deconstruct the coop/run to fashion a larger compost arena. The thought of walking out back in my jammies and scooping up blue/green and café au lait hued eggs makes me so dizzy that I am willing to set my fear aside and see if Callie Jo can be trusted.

at lunch I ran out to buy some Robin Eggs because I do not have children to steal them from. Easter just isn't Easter without hurting my tongue on these little buggers.