Resolution #1 Keep Learning

If one of your resolutions is to learn mesoemthing new (hello ukulele), then the folks at Bluprint have a deal for you! Especially if you’ve been wanting to learn how to knit, quill, decorate a cake, or like me, crochet a cute cactus. My friend Martha let me know that Bluprint is offering free classes until 1/7. Sign up for free and craft your little heart out this weekend.

I’ll be crocheting a cactus this weekend, what will you make? Time to get crafty my friend.

Five Things to do This Week to Make Thanksgiving Easier

Photo by Pixabay

There is a lot of menu planning, food shopping, and prep to do for Thanksgiving, even if you’re hosting a small group.

Now’s a good time to confess I hate dislike the term “Friendsgiving”. I feel it makes it seem less than, like a conciliatory celebration. We’ve been hosting friends, their friends, and their aunts since 1996, and it is no less a Thanksgiving than one spent with a family of origin. End of rant.

The real reason I am here today is as a public service announcement for the often forgotten tasks to do this week that will make your holiday less hectic.

  1. Restock bulk herbs and spices. Beat the crowds in the bulk aisle by shopping during one of your lunch breaks this week.
  2. Take those knives to get sharpened. You may have a ceramic sharpening doohickey at home, but nothing beats a professional sharpening.
  3. Iron any table linens if you plan to use them.
  4. Schedule grooming appointments for your dogs. Your guests will thank you. Just keep your fingers crossed they don’t get skunked between now and next Thursday.
  5. We like to send our guests home with some leftovers, so order to-go containers like these now.

PS. Make some no-cut fabric napkins this week, if you’re feeling crafty.

Three’s A Throw

I was gifted these great, wide, wooly scarves a few years ago. While each of these scarves are truly wonderful on their own, I decided they would be more wonderful and get more use if I stitched them together.

I picked a grey wool yarn to just whipstitch them. I like the contrast, and the visible stitches. Three unworn scarves are now one chunky, graphic, textural throw to hunker down for a rainy weekend of British TV and cooking shows. It remind me of a Swiss army watch for some reason.




I just remembered I forgot to show this. My lovely handsome assistant Noodle is holding 3 store bought scarves. While these scarves are perfectly nice, they were a gift long before I knit. "Nuff said.

DSC_7807 copy



Abracadabra… with slight of hand and perhaps a little stitching…


Tada! A new woolie throw. Awesome. I have been meaning to do this little project for 2 years. Whew!


Handmade, just not by me…


While I may sew a little, I am not afraid of pillowcases, elastic waist skirts, and curtains… I do not yet have the skills that these cute little numbers would require. So I am enlisting the help of a local seamstress to whip them up for me.  I battled with my inadequacy at first but hey, I'm supporting a local artisan and my local economy. Keeping it handmade and local doesn't mean I need to do it all. Need to remember that.

This morning I filed for re-election for city council… this time I actually get my name on the ballot. I ran as a write in last time. I stopped by City Hall this morning to drop off my paperwork and pay my water bill… and the city secretary gave me a pink cupcake. Small town living rocks.

Monday I fly to the Bay Area to visit my sister and her boyfriend. She's taking time off after some surgery and I so looking forward to hanging around knitting, laughing and watching a lot of movies. My kind of break! The only hard part is trying to decide on a project to start & bring on the trip. We tend to do a lot of laughing and chatting when we visit so I should keep the project easy peasy. I may end up just knitting a big tube scarf out of my cashmere, but these are some contenders…