Cheeky, Handsome & Useful

Looking for a great hostess gift for the countless holiday parties between today and the New Year? I have just the right gift for you.

Going to a Holiday potluck gathering? Bring a pie to share and the gift of a pie server for your host.


Potluck Hand-Stamped Tableware “Texas Proud Home Slice” Pie server. Currently available at The Owl Wine Bar & Home Goods Store in Elgin, Texas

Whether you’re planning to wrap up a jar of your very own, or pick up a jar of Texas  made jams and jelly… this little spreader makes a sweet statement as a gift topper. Buy locally made jellies at Elgin Local Goods and G&M Drygoods. Watch this space for more holiday gift giving ideas


Potluck Hand-Stamped Tableware “This is My Jam” Spreader. Currently available at The Owl Wine Bar & Home Goods Store in Elgin, Texas


Friday Favorites


Whew! It’s Friday. Been a long week at work. Ready to unwind. Hubby has a road trip to New Mexico planned for next week, so I am looking forward to spending time with him this weekend. I believe he already got the dreaded never-ending mowing done, so perhaps a less chore filled weekend is at hand. I’m totally craving waffles, the yummy malty tasting ones like at Waffle House. Just so you know.

I arrived ready for a long day, then all meetings and lunch plans I had for today have just been cancelled. Woot!

A few things that are totally floating my boat this week:

The image above makes me very happy. Image found on Pinterest here.

Excited to cast on for Lady Fern tonight.

I know it’s so nineties, but I have recently realized that I miss using my Filofax, I do.

I just can’t seem to fully embrace using the calendar on my phone. I always have so many notes and to do lists for each entry that it becomes a pain, and really I want all that info at first glance, in different colors. I am also a doodler, so hard to doodle a swirl or a tree in my calendar on my phone.

Do you use your phone/tablet/desktop calendar exclusively?

And, Ohmygoodness. Melamine dishes in candy colors would make eating any boring old sandwich outside a whole lot better. I just may cave in and buy these. Blogger Michele Wooderson has such a sweet colorful blog.