Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Coffee_tableGot home from work on Thursday and this beautiful piece of art had replaced my old “found” coffee table. My husband formed it in concrete and our friend made the legs out of cedar. It’s pretty stout, but like it alot more than I thought I would. Artisan Concrete, my husband’s business. He also waxed my wood floors to sweeten the deal. I love my husband.

2 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

  1. jacqui583 says:

    I LOVE that table! I’ll bet it weighs a ton, though. The good thing is it probably won’t move around on you. But will it mark those beautiful floors with the weight?

  2. Retha says:

    What a prince! I love the table…nice shot, too! You’re are a lucky duck, Stace…& so is he to have you!

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