Another Woman’s Trash…

Dsc05439_1 as the saying goes. I bought this euro-kitcshy table and chairs for $80 bucks from a new neighbor….handed down the hand me down we were dining on. I love this table, it’s got the blond Heywood-Wakefield like thing going for it, well, if the legs were not metal I guess…but you get the picture. It all ties into my love for mid-century style and design, my Fiestaware looks at home on this table. I’m in deadline, so I really shouldn’t be posting things on my blog, but oh well. I need coffee.

I finished one of the front pieces of my baby kimono…just one more to go, then the dreaded finishing. I returned the sewing machine I was borrowing, so I may be forcd to sew by hand or just seam it up with yarn in mattress stitch or someting. It’s small, so shouldn’t be too big a deal. I decided to start small on my first article of clothing so I would only screw up on a small scale, though I’m now wondering if it’s too big, babies grow right?

One thought on “Another Woman’s Trash…

  1. Retha says:

    How cool, Stacey! So nice to be seeing more of su casa!I must admit at first I thought that was a magazine photo…You are soooo good, girl!


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