Surf’s up


Well last week was my birthday and I had to travel to Wisconsin to do a press check. I returned home underslept, haggard and a year older. Upon my return home I’d planned to paint my kitchen, as evident by the 6 paint swatches on my wall. Yes, I needed to see what all 6 colors looked like in morning, daylight, twighlight and dusk (i think they may be the same thing). As a birthday surprise my DH hired a friend to paint the whole enchilada for me. It was a fabulous thing to come home to. Who’s spirits wouldn’t be lifted by an aqua marine kitchen? Well, I’m sure there are some. Big deal is…I love it and DH is soooo lucky he chose the right one. My kitchen table is my new favorite place to knit and now it’s even better.

Well , it’s only a couple weeks into the new year and I’ve already made good on my resolution to post more, knit more and hang with my girlfriends more.

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