Pooped out


Clearly everyone is exhausted at our house…. we are seriously thinking about keeping the spotty boy. There are couple more pics in the labahoula gallery. I told DH that it may just be here when he gets back from his surfung holiday. We’ve named him Ziggy Stardust. Callie is still very much in love with mothering him.

Jury’s still out on my vintage apron curtain. I had planned on making them for both kitchen windows by the table, but it was too much. I’ve hung them over the sink….maybe, maybe not. kinda miss looking at the rusted metal building.


2 thoughts on “Pooped out

  1. The Mothership says:

    The dog gallery is a piss…no more doggy day care for Roscoe. Those two puppies are precious and your photo opps have been fantastic. Love the eye thing goin’ on with Ziggy.
    The curtains would be my downfall…lord only knows what I would tuck in the pockets for safe keeping and never find again.


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