NewlabelI have just completely (yes, seems and all)finished my first baby sweater…replete with sweet little label. I ordered some cute little embroidered labels for my stuff. It has been raining every day this month, about 5 inches total in my yard…woohoo. I need to take some shots of my surprise plants…Crinum Lily. A friend told me they are also known as 4th of July plants, I guess not only because they look like fireworks, but seem to bloom around the 4th. Not sure I love them, but they are a nice surprise. I have learned that tropical plants fare well in my new hometown.

I am loving Mason Dixon Knitting!!! I’ve already begun the crazy lady work of looping a bunch of potholder loops and knittign a rug. I’ve been inspired and have started a rag bag to get crackin’ on some more rugs.