Love is patient and kind (and apparently likes Tex Mex)


Today is our 9th wedding anniversary.
We had one of those quintessential Austin weddings… I really wanted to go to Vegas or have a combo yard sale/barbecue/wedding. I was already scheming up the invites…."bring some shit to sell, some meat to grill and watch us get hitched." DH would have no part of that.

We did manage to have a wedding just quirky enough to make me happy. We got married on a Friday night at the funky little duplex we were renting at the time. I made enchilada casserole, a friend made ceviche, we had cake, Mexican pastries and lots of Shiner Bock for the drinkers. The Meat Purveyors played in my carport. No one knew how to dance to bluegrass and seemed a bit surprised when the singer sang songs that dropped the f-bomb… but it was our wedding and they still are one of my favorite bands.

We had about 40 guests circling us when we exchanged vows, I kept thinking, "Light as feather, stiff as a board." I also remember thinking how lucky I was that the neighbors didn’t hang their clothes out in the front yard that day. Sweety, Id’ marry you allover again. xoxo

5 thoughts on “Love is patient and kind (and apparently likes Tex Mex)

  1. Ahna says:

    Happy Anniversary! Daddyman and I have been married for 10 years, and we had a really fun party, too. I can’t imagine what some folks put into getting married – the whole puffy dress and going deep into debt. I’d rather have my good friends and family, some yummy nibbles, a great dance band and some beer. Your wedding sounds like a lot of fun, and it was a great way to kick off 9 good years. Congratulations!


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