baby it’s cold outside





I missed posting after Thanksgiving because my life was a whirlwind of activity the days after with deadline, the press trip and what not.

Having my sister and brother-in-law here was just great. The gathering was just big enough…kept the guest list smallish so I could actually visit with my sis during her abbreviated stay. She made the most amazing macaroni and cheese… I think I need to add it to my holiday repertoire. I think this is the recipe.

I was in Wisconsin for the press check. It was cold, I mean really cold. Despite growing up in big snow I don't drive in the snow anymore and it was painfully obvious that I have indeed lost that muscle. I would like to take a moment to thank those Waukesha county drivers who refrained from flipping me the bird as crawled along on a snowy roads at 2:30 am to make it to the press check. That's the kind of hours we keep when doing a press check… nothing like being woken up at 2:30 am, leaving your toasty hotel bed to de-ice your windshield in 5º weather. Nothing like it at all.

On Friday, after a hearty breakfast I decided to hit the mall in search of the perfect red lipstick. I got the call to get to press as I was leaving the parking lot. I performed the job and as I was leaving I realized I still had bright red lips. I was all bundles up, not a stitch of makeup, with some serious pillow perm/hat head combo… but my lips were like movie star red. Oy.

So the flight from Milwaukee to Dallas was on this cold ass puddle jumper, which of course was delayed for an hour and a half for de-icing. I landed in Dallas with 10 minutes to get to my connecting flight. Damn, I had to take the little train… I barely made it on time, but the flight was delayed for 35 minutes. Hallelujah! Never have I been so happy about a delay. So I pick up my first meal of the day…a 10 piece McNugget meal and sit down near my gate with what I'm sure appears to be a disproportionate anticipation of my feast. I'm peaking in my bag and realize that everyone is facing me… I had sat right under the TV. I moved… it's not pretty when I'm that hungry.

Lat night we had a Christmas party and it was a lot of fun. As always there are dear friends, people I haven't seen in ages and people I've never met. I just realized I was still wearing my pearls… they actually look good with flannel pajamas, who knew? Maybe I should put on my lipstick and just shuffle around the house like this all day… but that might scare my DH. It's surprising how many people our house can hold. It was super cold outside, which helps when you have like 45 people in your house. We had the chiminea blazing. It actually sleeted here last night, yesterday I had the AC on because it was like 80 and humid. Texas weather is a trip. There was a shiny white icing on everything as I slipped under the covers. I think today is the perfect day to make a yummy stew and head to my LYS in Paige. Today it really feels like Winter here in Central Texas… it's an infrequent occurrence around these parts  so today I will enjoy every minute of it, starting with coffee and chocolate cake for breakfast.

2 thoughts on “baby it’s cold outside

  1. Rose says:

    Cute, cute pictures of the dog. I also noticed you have one of those moonclocks from LLBean? Do you love it? I’ve been thinking about one of those for awhile.


  2. Mona says:

    So, I read this post last night. Trotted over again tonight to see if new post. Last night I didn’t see Mr Kitty, but tonight he was there, then the page reloaded and he wasn’t… I thought I had imagined the whole thing as a result of wishful kitty thinking……. then latest post finished loading and there he is again…… Computers and a slow connection! ha!
    Nice to meet him…. Noodle looks so much like my Adonis, I could be looking right at him. I got a nice discard this week. A neighbor and friend bought a house… and I have helped with various odds and ends. Alex doesn’t have a kitty and her new house came with a kitty door, sliding glass insert type! She gave it to me…!!! woo-hoo…. Now the doorman for his highness can hang up her hat!!! And stop saying, “In or out, in or out!” And it has all the parts so I can barricade his furry tush in at night and block the curious varmints out!!
    I am mildly concerned he won’t take to it as this is the most skittish kitty with whom I have ever shared a home. I think the flap could really freak him out.
    Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving, family can be a really good thing…
    Enjoy X-mas, hope you have a chance for some peaceful downtime
    Thanks for the Noodle pic!!!!!!
    ps what’s the pooch reading? It really tuckered her out, she’s passed out right on it!


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