3 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens…

  1. Mona says:

    NICE! I’m doing container gardening for the 1st time ever. My area is crawling w/ master gardeners, so no shortage of tips, which is great. Mostly seeds, a few starts(mini peppers-red, yellow and chocolate-and some maters) Oh and did some flower starts so I could have them a bit sooner. Would love to do a raised bed, but it is what it is, and grateful to do it. Scored on some torn bag organic potting soil a few times. So even if all I get are some healthy bugs… I’m learning :~) Have my praying mantis sac all ready to hatch, and will get some lady beetles soon… Of course, I might want to get some sooner, I was inspecting tonight and something has given a serious munch to my radishes, almost overnight. Have a stack of library books next to the chair and rodale press is the most common publisher name on them. Fun, and challenging…. I am fortunate to have the 4th largest natural foods distributor (apparently) Azure Standard in East Oregon, so I can get supplies for a super great cost. They started as farmers (still are) and there is a local lady that gets their stuff through her business, so I am still saving quite a bit as well as supporting a local family (Judy) and Azure (great local-ish land stewards. love love your gardens…. enjoy!


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