I saw this sweet kitchen banquette on the cover of the new Southern Living.

Not that I'm unhappy with my kitchen but I am always fussing with the
eating area because the buffet seems to throw off the balance and I
know we will use this space more with better seating, and I can still
set up my sewing machine.

This would mean getting rid of the buffet… which I think may be a hard sell to Steve… especially after I hunted down the perfect orange.

We have been so burned out on projects that we have not done anything in like forever, but I am feeling the urge to get some things done when the heat subsides.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Retha says:

    Ohhh…that is sweet–looks especially cool in the heat. But once the heat does subside, you may feel yours is sweeter again — it seems airy but warm & cozy. What about trying the buffet along the wall between the two windows & just turn your table around and move it out a bit?


  2. Adrianne says:

    I’m all about using the buffet in another room. They are so versatile! At least that is what my grandmother said about my mini-china cabinet last time she came over. She also said I needed something on my red wall in my dining room. grrr. I liked it just the way it was until now. I hear her sweet voice in my head every time I look at my blank red pallet.


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