Upon returning from a place


where it seems there is a Civil War battlefield or historic marker around every corner
where you can breathe in the smell of fall leaves, rivers and wood smoke in the cold air
where waitresses call you "hon"
where you can order crabs to be delivered to your home in the middle of the woods
where you can have a home in the middle of the woods
where it seems a whole lot of people look Irish
where young tattooed men use words like malarkey
where diners are everywhere
where you can have an omelette with crab cakes and sweet corn for breakfast
where I found a leaf I think I'd never seen before… a kind woman told me it was Sassafrass…hmmm
where we visited family
& old friends that we have not seen in years, but picked up like we never skipped a beat

where my husband grew up
where we met
I love visiting, always… but it's good to be home

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