Is That a Pie in Your Pocket or Are You Happy to See Me?

Seriously, what can be better than a slice of pie? How about one in each pocket?

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P.S. Purse Pies and Green Grass & Fried Pies

Maybe September

September is finally here! I realize it may be a while before the leaves start turning, but a girl can dream, can’t she? The light changes have been announcing September’s eventual arrival for weeks now.

I have been planning, designing, printing, stamping, and packaging new Bean & Noodle Printery letterpress cards and Potluck Tableware for the Holidays. It took me a while but finally understand the benefit of using these slow end of Summer days to get ready for Fall craft shows, retail, and my online shop.

For now, it’s still Summer and you may want to check out this genius recipe for Unripe Nectarine Slaw with Chile, Fennel, and Blue Cheese. If you’re like me and always I have rock hard peaches and plums waiting to ripen, this may be just the Hail Mary recipe you needed for a Labor Day cookout.

Another Refreshing Summer Salad


Keeping your cool during the dog days of Summer is challenging for sure. Some nights the idea of cooking in 100+ heat makes me want to cry. One of my favorite meals this time of year is a Peach Caprese Salad. Nothing too elaborate for this since it is also my go-to desk lunch. 

Peach Caprese Salad (for one)
1 peach (sliced)
A handful of cherry tomatoes (or 1 sliced tomato)
4-6 Oz. fresh mozzarella (sliced)
Fresh basil leaves (just tear up as much as you like)
A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
A drizzle of balsamic vinegar
S & P to taste

Notes: There are no exact measurements here… simply tailor to your liking. Any stone fruit will do… even cherries. Oh, and arugula is nice if basil is not your thing.

The Time When My Great Grandmother Invited Susan B. Anthony to Her Birthday Party

My great grandmother invited Susan B. Anthony to her 12th birthday party in 1905.

Letter 1

Sadly Ms. Anthony was too busy to attend. She did, however, promise to have someone at headquarters send her a new photo of herself. I’m guessing that to Ruth’s twelve-year-old self she was as cool as Ariana Grande is to my friend’s twelve-year-old girls. My twelve-year-old self had Stevie Nicks… but that’s another story for another day.

Turns out, the parcel with the new photo did not arrive in a timely fashion, and young Ruth sent a letter of complaint. Ms. Anthony wrote her a short letter to explain what had happened…

Letter 2

I see that Ms. Anthony did not have in her school the vertical writing. This letter is not plainly read.

Letter 3

I’m not sure if she ever did get her picture… but if not, it was not for lack of trying.

Happy 19th Amendment Day!

I’m Here All Week Folks

In honor of “National Tell A Joke Day”

A man shows up at work on Monday with a black eye. His coworker asks him, “Hey, how’d you get that?”

The man with the shiner says, “The funniest thing happened yesterday, I was in church and the woman in the pew in front of me stood to sing and I noticed her dress was stuck in the crack of her ass… so I reached over and pulled it out and she punched me!”

The following Monday the guy shows up at work with another black eye. His friend asks, “What happened this time?”

“Well, you’ll never believe it, I was at church and the same woman stood to sing but her dress was not stuck in the crack of her ass, and I remembered how much she liked it there so I tucked it in.”

I’m here all week folks, don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Alektorophobia: One of Five Things Most People Don’t Know About Me

  1. I really do want chickens, but their wild side-eye glances and freaky jerky neck thrusts flat out scare me. The thought of walking through the dewy morning grass in my jammies to scoop up aqua and café au lait hued eggs makes me dizzy, but they simply freak me out.
  2. I started my current career just one month shy of my 37th birthday. Proof that there are second acts, and third, and fourth. But you knew that.
  3. I do not like reggae, not even a little.
  4. If there is a choice between a pair of red shoes and any other color I always buy the red.
  5. I do not have a green thumb, though most people think I do.

Helloooooo Radiooooo

In a world with so many apps designed to increase productivity, I highly recommend this time sucking, step on the brakes, magical musical mystery tour of an app. SO MUCH FUN. Go grab your boring leftovers from the kitchen, pop in your earbuds and be ready for a world tour from the safety of your cubicle.

I am currently touring 1960’s Sweden while processing our September issue ads for AppleNews+. Maybe it’s the interface’s aesthetic, but this musical time machine feels like a Wes Anderson movie soundtrack.


Gimme Shelter

Name: Zeke aka Ezekiel Ray
Age: 3
Adopted: July 8, 2017
Shelter: Bastrop County Animal Shelter

In honor of Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs, consider donating to your local shelter.

Our local shelter has an Amazon Wishlist and often sends our requests for food and other items. It’s so easy to send some food or bedding directly to them. No need to know the address, just pay for the items and they will be sent to address on the registry. I’m grateful for this shelter and was so happy to find Zeke there. We brought along our older dog Maisy to help us find her new friend. He was the only one who did not make her growl 🙂