Fab Five for Friday

A perfect snowy day! Central Texas had a snow day like the big fluffy snow days I grew up with… big dreamy flakes. It was all gone by noon the next day, but I cannot recall a time since we moved to Texas in 1996 that it snowed like this. As a kid who learned to ice skate on a frozen lake… the sound and smell of snow transported me back to my childhood snow days in New York and Colorado. It was truly a gift to spend such a cozy Sunday and to wake up on my birthday to the sun sparkling on the snowy blanket of our yard. You can see by the photo of Zeke above the snow was much loved here at Chez Vee.

Reading a little bit of The Book of Delights every morning is good for my heart and soul.

The Wood Wide Web This BBC animation about the underground fungal connection between trees is short and fascinating… it would appear no tree is an island either.

The Great Pottery Throw Down made the snowy Sunday (did I mention it snowed?) even more wonderful. What could be cozier than a day of fluffy snow, crochet, a savory stew, and watching Brits clay spin on a wheel?

Because I am always a fan of learning new things… classes on Domestika. Note: Most of the lessons I’ve taken are in Spanish with English subtitles but there are some by English speaking artists too.

Fab Five for Friday

Hubert Delattre, Suliane Brahi, and Laurent Capelluto

Watching & Knitting
I’ve been alternately binging and savoring this dark gem of a TV series. Black Spot often reminds me of Twin Peaks with its strange and mysterious town folk, but it’s the shot of Celtic mysticism that elevates this nordic noir drama above all the other “missing girl in the woods” dramas.

French with English subtitles, so keep the knitting simple. Available on Netflix

And if you like your humor dark too…
The Flight Attendant made up for the 2h 35m I will never gain back after being swayed to subscribe to HBO Max to watch WW84 on Christmas night. Watch The Flight Attendant on HBO Max

The Squeals on the Bus
I’m so glad for the replay of this episode of This American Life. It was just what I needed.

Recipe and image from Smitten Kitchen

Eggs in Purgatory
This egg recipe is so on the menu this weekend!

Print is Not Even Close to Dead
UK printer and type designer Tom Boulton wants everyone to print and has designed the F-Press, an affordable, lightweight, and portable press created with a 3D printer… talk about full circle! He has surpassed his crowdfunding goal and will be making and shipping F-Presses later this year.

I think I need one.

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