WIP Wednesday: Knits & Space

Olive in front living room last Christmas

A Space of my Own

I’m fairly convinced that I’m not unique in that the space I’ve carved out for myself to create my own personal projects, stamp Potluck Tableware, print letterpress cards, and do graphic design work is my kitchen. Am I right ladies? so this means I have to ignore the dirty dishes, or worse, move everything out of the way to make dinner. Luckily my husband agreed I needed my own space and that I could take over our entire front living room as studio space.

The biggest obstacle to starting is now out of the way. Yesterday the 400 lb concrete coffee table was moved the back studio patio to make room for my takeover of the space. I am so excited to finally have a space that I can leave a WIP (work in progress) out for me to just pick up where I left off instead of having to set up the space every time I want to make something. Fun fact, it takes the same amount of effort to set up for stamping one cheese spreader, or printing one letterpress card as it does 100 of them. I’ve started moving furniture around and hope to spend much of this weekend setting it up. Watch this space…

I couldn’t wait to move the buffet into its new space.

Procastiknitting, Just Finish the Damn Thing Already

verb (used with object),  pro•cast•iknit·ting

1. to finally finish projects that have been taunting you from totes hung on door knobs.

I like to consider myself a monogamous knitter, but in reality I think mostly ditch projects in their last stages to move on to the next shiny project. Sometimes the allure of a fresh new WIP is simply too much to resist.

Who on earth stops knitting a pair of socks when they only have the toes left? Please tell me I’m not the only one. Squad Mitts with one thumb left to knit… you’re next.

If you’re anything like me, leave a comment below and tell us what WIP you have hanging around waiting to be finished… knitting or other WIP.

Sing Like Nobody’s Listening

Last night I attended my first Austin Ukulele Society meeting and it was so much fun. It was Valentines Day so everyone learned “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. I can’t remember the last time I felt so completely lost in what was going on and enjoying every moment, without a hint of self-consciousness.

My lack of skill and the fact that my ukulele was not properly tuned (or at all) were of no bother to the two kind souls who sat on either side of me. The man on my left suggested I could always just strum in on the first beat if the fingering was too hard for me. I felt like a 3 year-old who’d been handed a toy steering wheel so I felt I was driving too. Whatever, I felt part of, and I guess that was the point. He must be a kindergarten teacher. 

So there I was, singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” like nobody was listening with 139 strangers. It was amazing.

Also, the woman on my right with the blue ukulele and a rose tucked behind her ear sang like an angel.

Austin Ukulele Society

Cocaine & Rhinestones

My friend Patti Lou turned me on to this podcast a year ago. Holy guacamole this podcast is pure gold. I sure do hope there is a second season on the horizon. Host Tyler Mahan Coe’s stories about the truth behind some of country music’s tallest tales makes each episode a wild ride.

When looking ahead at the episodes I wondered, “Why are there three entire episodes about “The Harper Valley PTA”? I can tell you now that it’s not the story you thought you’d hear. Not even close.

I come by my affinity for 1970’s country when my family ran called the Golden Spike Inn, a kinda sorta truck stop in Byers, Colorado in the mid seventies. I’d spend the weekend pumping stolen quarters from the cash register into the jukebox to hear Charlie Pride, Dolly Parton, and The Kendalls until it was time to head back to our real life. Stop what you’re doing now and listen to this gem.

Heaven’s Just a Sin Away

I should mention these stories are often violent and of an adult nature so probably not appropriate for a family road trip, unless your family is like my family. In that case, roll down the windows and enjoy.

Oh, be sure to listen to these in order. After the first episode, you’ll see Ernest Tubb in another light, and also be back for more.

Cocaine & Rhinestones

Friday Favorites: Handmade Holiday Gifts, Cheap Yarn, and Patsy Cline

Patsy-Cline I can tell you the exactly when I knew I was going to marry my husband. It was the very minute he agreed to take a day trip from Silver Spring, Maryland  to Winchester, West Virginia to have a picnic on Patsy Cline’s grave. It was a cold drizzly early spring day and we had a little trouble finding it. Patsy was my super hero then and had read her biography and an article in the Washington Post about how the folks in Winchester were never that keen on her shenanigans had piqued my interest even more. I was obsessed by a woman who called everyone Hoss and would tell her band members to pull off at the next exit because she had to change her “firecracker”. Turns out the folks in Winchester were not to keen on her shenanigans. They referred to her as a bawdy, haunted and talented woman. Now I know now what I’d want on my headstone.

Yarn Snob

I would definitely could call myself a yarn snob. My stash is always full of my favorite Rowan yarns. That said, I will admit to strolling the aisles at Joann for Lion Brand and Patons yarn from time to time. While I am always a fan of supporting my favorite LYS, sometimes a little mass produced yarn can be just the right thing, especially when a wool/acrylic blend is appropriate for baby blankets and accessories. I really liked this post. about being a yarn omnivore.

Moleskin Love

This is the first time I have purchased the same planner again. Ever. At the risk of appearing a Luddite, I really do love filling in my meetings, lunches, birthdays, and especially vacation days with my favorite pen in black ink.
I prefer the Moleskin XL Soft Cover Weekly Planner with the week on the left and an entire page on the right to make lists and block out tasks. And also doodle. And put stickers. I wouldn’t actually call it a bullet journal, because there is no real organization or method… just jotting stuff down, so I don’t forget. And I get to cross things off. http://www.moleskin.com

Handmade Holiday Gifts

I always seem to know the most talented people, most of them women. Please consider buying handmade this holiday season from either of these talented gal pals.
Screen Printed Tea Towels by Paintbrush Print Company https://www.paintbrushprintcompany.com/shop
Mid-Century Modern Doodle Calendar with Wooden Stump Base Galendars http://www.galendars.com