I finished Jessica’s hat and have sent it to her in New York…she said her head was cold. I have decided to name this hat a “Bubbie Hat”… Jess, just grab one of those metal shopping shopping carts to pull behind you and you’ve got complete look. I’m making myself one in olive.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Themothership says:

    What does SXSW stand for?…the legendary Austin claim to fame has not made it to the Delaware Valley (we are a little encapsulated). The Bubbie hat is great – reminds me of Haight Asbury is the 60’s. Is there a web site for the UT tower?
    Mom (somewhere in New Jersey seeking answers in the outside world)


  2. Blind Willie says:

    Ok…I can see that you have links to the Web sites in your secret message post. Most ingenious for certain. Iggy Palermo (never been to New Jersey in my life, honest)


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