Bluebonnets & Chocolate

It’s Good Friday and I’m at work for just a half-day,Woohoo! I sat out back this morning facing my garden and knitting a little. I’m making a yummy Rose Pink scarf with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky…but damn if I won’t need to buy another ball to finish. I’m usually skeptical of pattern requirements and always buy just one extra, this time I ignored the little voice in my head, or I was being cheap. At $15 a ball, that’s probably it. Oh well, a trip to the yarn store is always welcome. I’m knitting some sweet little sachets with bunny buttons for a coworker’s baby shower next week…I’ll post pics this weekend.

I hope to take my camera out into the hill country to snap some wildflower shots tomorrow. Let’s hope the weather obliges.

Our offices are in a downtown Austin hotel and the lobby was teeming with a large portion of the Bluegrass State’s grandparents dressed in blue & white, UK emblazoned on every vest, fanny pack and sweatshirt in sight. March Madness rocks. Quite the juxtapostion form last weeks SXSW crowd puking in the parking garage elevator.

My cat Bean is recovering from oral surgery… and is sleeping it off on my clean clothes, tucked securely on a shelf. I swear this cat has had some near scrapes with the sweet hereafter. I am convinced that after a nuclear holocaust there will be cockroaches and Bean roaming the earth. Some of us just have it. Bean does.


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