Straight’nin’ the Curve, Flattenin’ the Hills

Part-time Temp Worker Receives $100,000 to Stay Home and Watch THE DUKES OF HAZZARD. Okay, now who does this shit ever happen to? This guy was herding code next door in New Media just a little over a year ago, and left for New York without any particular plan as I recall. He brought a plate of bacon to our “Thanksgiving Dinner” at the office… hell we’re still talking about that. Way to go Chris! Life is rich, very rich. See Full Story Here


One thought on “Straight’nin’ the Curve, Flattenin’ the Hills

  1. themothership says:

    on a day that had me sinking under bugs in the pancake mix and mold in the syrup…you have brightened my outlook…i shall resume submitting applications for princess or queen…a tough gig to get as most are born into it or marry it…but i have hope!!!
    love, the queen of mcalester oklahoma


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