The Time When My Great Grandmother Invited Susan B. Anthony to Her Birthday Party

My great grandmother invited Susan B. Anthony to her 12th birthday party in 1905.

Letter 1

Sadly Ms. Anthony was too busy to attend. She did, however, promise to have someone at headquarters send her a new photo of herself. I’m guessing that to Ruth’s twelve-year-old self she was as cool as Ariana Grande is to my friend’s twelve-year-old girls. My twelve-year-old self had Stevie Nicks… but that’s another story for another day.

Turns out, the parcel with the new photo did not arrive in a timely fashion, and young Ruth sent a letter of complaint. Ms. Anthony wrote her a short letter to explain what had happened…

Letter 2

I see that Ms. Anthony did not have in her school the vertical writing. This letter is not plainly read.

Letter 3

I’m not sure if she ever did get her picture… but if not, it was not for lack of trying.

Happy 19th Amendment Day!

Wednesday Wanderings


I have thought of using this very method to mend a particular navy linen cotton blend hoodie that I cannot bear to part with. I think this will look much sweeter than if I tried to do a proper knit fix.


This is not my kitchen, just thinking about a couch in the kitchen instead of building a banquet. I love my kitchen table so would consider replacing taller legs with coffee table height hairpins. I love how much STUFF is in this kitchen too, carefully curated, but not spare. Just like mine. Ha!


You wish you had shoes like these. These clogs make me pretty darn happy.

Bergers & Bears


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a bit like a bear coming out of hibernation after this cold and drizzly weekend. The Cavalcade of Comfort Foods continues with a Monday Happy Desk Lunch of leftover Shepherds Pie (yes, I made it again) and apple pear crisp.


Saturday I sent my husband (I’m sorry but how damn handsome is he?) off to ride with friends…


So I could begin production of these and other retro inspired holiday and not so holiday greeting cards to be sold at G&M Drygoods.


A trip to Baltimore is in our near future… visions of these dance in my head more than you could know.


This summer I have decided to look at the FO stash of things I never wear and decide which items I want to gift people and which I'd like to frog and re-knit. The deciding factor is the yarn, really. As was the case with this linen stole. I knit this feather and fan wrap when I was a new knitter and it is rife with errors. So much so that I never wear it, which is a shame because the wrap has such nice heft and drape. It's a gorgeous garment if you ignore the gaping holes in the lace pattern. 


Oh, and while you're here… feast your eyes upon my new island countertop. My husband added shelves and a concrete top to extend my butcher block kitchen island. It's beautiful… more pictures when i've moved back into this space. I'm lucky to have such a talented husband. If you don't have one, you should get yourself one… they are good. Speaking of talented husbands, he took this picture for me, though I could not resist giving art direction by text from my car.


Playing Catch Up

A couple weeks ago I was in Oklahoma City for a press check and snapped some shots of my day. The image quality is spotty to say the least, but I only had my phone.

I was really there to do this….



While talking about how I was fixing up my banjo during lunch with our Customer Service Rep, he mentioned that there was a banjo museum downtown. Hot damn!


My Sales person Tina was a very good sport about taking me to the museum.That said, it had enough kitsch factor to pique her interest.


Amber, this banjo with an amazing hex sign on it's resonator made me think of you.




I had told TIna my plan to "tart up" my banjo and after seeing these glammed up models, she mentioned that I may be "limited in my scope". She has a point. Some of these boredered on something you'd see at either Graceland or Versailles.

On the second floor there was a replica of a Shakey's Pizza Parlour. It made me miss Shakey's! Pizza, banjo music and "The Little Rascals" movies… what's not to love. Apparently the owner Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson is known for having employed many a banjo player to play at his restaurants. More info about that here.

A "drive by" Chihuly , look real hard up in the windows … no time to stroll through the museum. Remind me to tell you about the time my sister Jessica and I did a drive by at the Grand Canyon.


Oh, and tornado clouds …of course. I believe these are called Wall Clouds, correct me if I'm wrong. Don't adjust your dials, the sky was really this green. I wasn't too freaked out until it was pointed out to me that the flags were blowing in the opposite direction the clouds were moving.


These clouds looked like poached eggs sinking below the clouds, kinda like a lava lamp. Beautiful. This tornado missed us, but not the St. Louis aiprort.


So here's my mother's banjo all cleaned up with a spanking new head and resonator.


She's been stained and I'm almost finished…



My House of Cards

Finally finished the project I began in a workshop more than a few weeks ago. My friend Susanne came over for "Art Camp" on Sunday and we both worked on these.


I saw these words spray painted under a bridge in Humboldt county in the eighties. I've never forgotten them.




I'm not one for self censorship…. but sometimes I need to remind myself that I am a city council member.



My first woven piece… luckily my left selvedge improved as I wove.


and of course I miscalculated so had to use another yarn, but I like it.


Can you believe this color! It wil be this . The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Marigold.


Simple slip stitch heel socks being knit with Supersocke 100 Candy Colors… dig those magic stripes.