Bergers & Bears


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a bit like a bear coming out of hibernation after this cold and drizzly weekend. The Cavalcade of Comfort Foods continues with a Monday Happy Desk Lunch of leftover Shepherds Pie (yes, I made it again) and apple pear crisp.


Saturday I sent my husband (I’m sorry but how damn handsome is he?) off to ride with friends…


So I could begin production of these and other retro inspired holiday and not so holiday greeting cards to be sold at G&M Drygoods.


A trip to Baltimore is in our near future… visions of these dance in my head more than you could know.

3 thoughts on “Bergers & Bears

  1. Hollister Hallmark says:

    Stacey, a friend of mine in IL who reads your blog really wants to see a photo of you. She thinks a selfie or two would be very satisfying to see. Just saying . . . Holly Hallmark


  2. Margo says:


    I am your big fan if the silver ware. Friends who own Vaudville in Fredericksburg who have a great store. And they would love to have some

    Vaudville, Richard. Is who you should talk to you


    • Stacey (admin) says:

      Thank so much for your kind words Margo… and for the referral. I would love to make some for his store. I’ll send him an email right away. If I don’t bump into you this week, please do have a very Merry Christmas.


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