Shadrach, Meshak & Squirrel

Happy New Year. The past week has been full of such fun activities as…



de-christmasing the house. Why is is that I always find myself one ornament shy of a complete set?


getting the ojo malo from (Noodle and) projects that still sit, unfinished. I swear I do have a good plan for these…more on that later. Quit staring.


starting the year off right… you southerners know what I am talking about.


and beginning new projects

Winding Down




The days after Christmas always feel a bit wonky to me. So this week I plan to get a little work done, putter, and enjoy the wonky week between now and the new year. I'm flagging pages of the cookbooks santa brought for me and hope to actually cook some of those recipes this week.

Comfort & Jelly

Today I am home with sore throat, finally caught the dreaded cold that's been making it's way around the office. Great time to finish up some gift knitting and watch hours of Food Network and HGTV. I'm very hungry today and had a craving for Egg in a Hole. I learned a new trick a few years ago when on a press check with a coworker, and think that strawberry preserves were just the perfect way to top this off. Now more tea and knitting with Roscoe snoring beside me.

December 1st


December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama public bus


December 1, 1967 My sister Kelly wanted to be my sister so bad, she refused to stay put any longer. Happy Birthday Kelly!

Roasted, Smoked & Fried

Picture 1

This is what's on the menu tomorrow. Last night I made my favorite cornbread, sausage & apple dressing from my all-time fave Silver Palate Cookbook  and Cranberry Chutney ala Orangette.

I've been reading Orangette's book and realized that the brother David she talks about, used to be my boss when i was managing a restaurant in DC. Funny little world.

I have to confess I was having some anxiety about how rustic the turkey is. My friends raised it and slaughtered it and the too long neck needs to be lopped off (which I can handle) and I've been plucking quill tips out with tweezers. I am no farm girl… I know this now. Anyhoo, my friend Sarah (chef & cheese monger) responded to my distress signal this morning and assured me it would all be fine, that the remaining tips will pop out when roasting. I thought as much but feel much better hearing from someone with a lot of experience. Thankfully, we are not making gravy with that bird's drippings.

Off to the rockpile and to drop off Maisy at the vet… she's feeling puny again. It makes me sad.

The Redwood Coast

My husband and I flew to the Bay Area to visit my sister and her boyfriend. After a couple days of sightseeing and constant eating we drove up to the Redwood Coast. I only went to school at Humboldt State University for one year, but the enchanted forests with its massive trees, the rugged coastline and the über crunchy locals (Austin… you have nothing on these people) living hand to mouth in paradise, have been imprinted upon me forever. It was a treat to be able to share this with my husband. We took many photos of the huge trees near Orick and of Bodega Bay, which we visited on the way back to my sister's. I'll post these to Flickr sometime soon.

Today is my first day back at the magazine since November 2nd. Though some of the time was for work in Kentucky, it's been a very restorative break from my daily routine. Now it's back to a short week, then Thanksgiving. My favorite.

My sister and lemongrass pork at the Slanted Door, San Francisco

the Golden Gate Bridge

My husband at the Golden Gate Bridge

Trinidad, California. Nice place to wake up. My husband took this shot.

I forget which beach, somewhere between Arcata and Trinidad, California. Clam Beach?





The Highlands of Glasgow… Kentucky that is.


The land of tobacco, Rand Paul and heavy eyeliner has grown on me quite a bit this press trip. This morning I hightailed it to Bowling Green to Crafty Hands as soon as I was finished with the morning press check. I bought some amazingly beautiful Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Marigold, some Koigu and a couple other gifty yarny things.


After Bowling Green I drove up 65 to Mammoth Cave National Park.


Oh, and yesterdays lunch.