This summer I have decided to look at the FO stash of things I never wear and decide which items I want to gift people and which I'd like to frog and re-knit. The deciding factor is the yarn, really. As was the case with this linen stole. I knit this feather and fan wrap when I was a new knitter and it is rife with errors. So much so that I never wear it, which is a shame because the wrap has such nice heft and drape. It's a gorgeous garment if you ignore the gaping holes in the lace pattern. 


Oh, and while you're here… feast your eyes upon my new island countertop. My husband added shelves and a concrete top to extend my butcher block kitchen island. It's beautiful… more pictures when i've moved back into this space. I'm lucky to have such a talented husband. If you don't have one, you should get yourself one… they are good. Speaking of talented husbands, he took this picture for me, though I could not resist giving art direction by text from my car.


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