Sweet Bean

Bean_noodle_11_1This week I had to assist my sweet kitty Bean into one of her other 9 lives. It’s such a hard decision to reach, I can only take comfort in the fact that she was ready, very ready and finally out of pain. She is missed, I cried a little on Friday at the grocery store when I turned down the pet food aisle and didn’t need to reach for the Fancy Feast. Noodle seemed depressed, but is returning to his carefree self.
I’m hemming and hawing about what to do with my quiet Sunday morning, the husband is on a bike ride. I used to have the mornings and most of the day to myself before I got the 9-5 gig. I miss them. I’ve spent an hour out back drinking coffee and knitting…just 3 skeins away from finishing one of the 2 baby blankets I need to whip up this summer. What I really need to be doing is ripping up the crispy remnants of the beautiful wildflower garden I had this spring. There are still some bright flowers, but they are looking sad in the garden that is now sadlt a fire hazard. My tomato plants are giant…I wasn’t planning for such giantness and must remember to build better cages next year. I finished Grace’s baby poncho yesterday…uhmm, it’s a little more freeform than I had planned. Good thing I decided to experiment and fuck up on a small scale. You really need to expect plan for the FUs…it’s much easier.

Well, I have an hour to wash my ass and get to church. Then to my LYS.

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