Bigger & Badder SNB Big Bad Baby Blanket

Dsc05476jpg_1This is Albert’s blanket which he received this weekend. I used a way chunkier yarn for the blanket because I simply do not have the patience to knit 1000 plus yards of worsted weight yarn. I knit it with a wool/acrylic blend on size 13 needles. It was so soft and lovely after washing it. Hope he’s snuggly in it this winter. It’s nice and heavy, so I think it will be very comforting. I also whipped up an apple hat…pictures in Fini photo album. I needed a quick project before I began yet another blanket for the another friend’s baby.

3 thoughts on “Bigger & Badder SNB Big Bad Baby Blanket

  1. Retha says:

    Hi Stacey…This is so lovely. What lucky ducks all your friends’ babies are. Have Steve take a picture of you knitting to post. I’ve seen your beautiful pieces but somehow I still can’t picture you knitting!!!(LOL) Love, Retha


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