Missing Miss bean

46424826dsc_4956scarfpassedI told my mom weeks ago I’d post this photo. Amazing how the scarf looks just like the hydrangea, isn’t it? This is actually one of my first knitting projects. I learned to knit around Thanksgiving and went crazy knitting for Christmas.
DH and I have started the long suffering, humbling process of buying our first home. Unfortunately I made more money waiting tables than I do at my high stress, high visibilty, cool job so we’re looking out in the country…Austin’s just too deep for our pockets.
I woke up this morning and thought I felt Bean (my kitty who passed on recently) sleeping on my leg…it was weird.

3 thoughts on “Missing Miss bean

  1. Themothership says:

    Oh what a lovely sight this AM. It is so wonderful to have another Fiber Artist in the family. Bean will probably continue to sleep with you for a long time…Love, Mom


  2. Themothership says:

    I just got off the phone with Linda McIntyre and she said the day after her cat Archie passed she felt him jump up on the bed and flop next to her…I love you, Mom


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