This photo taken just after sunrise Monday morning on my way out to work on house…more in album.

DH and I have been laboring over our hardwoods for the past two weekends. Our new neighbor Julia is an 88-year old widow who lives alone (and still drives…scary). Sunday around 10 she hollered for us to come by at noon for lunch. Of course we cleaned up to the best of our ability and expected sandwiches, which would have been wholly appreciated. What we saw when we sat down was fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn pudding, buttermilk biscuits and chocolate pie! talk about comfort food…it’s surprising we were able to get any work done afterward.

BTW, the floors are finished and we’re moving shit in. We plan to be living there by next Saturday…Yay! Just so you know, never refinish your own hardwoods…I’ve never worked so freakin’ hard. DH finished them up with a clear poly sealer and they are as beautiful as 55-year old floors can be. I’ve posted some before pics, will post after this weekend.

new hats too!

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