Putting Down Roots

Uc_home sweet home. After far too many years of renting some decidedly cute houses, we are finally buying a home of our own out in the small Texas town of Elgin (population 8,007), just 19 miles out of Austin. The pics are on the left…keep in mind these photos are from when the house went on the market in February… the fruit trees are leafy and bright at this time. The house was originally built in the late 40’s with a couple additions during its life. The front half of the house has all hardwood floors, an era-appropriate pink bathroom and glass doorknobs on all the doors. The more modern kitchen is bright, sunny and HUGE and faces an open field, the house is on about 1.25 acres and is just 3 blocks from Elgin’s Main Street.

2 thoughts on “Putting Down Roots

  1. Themothership says:

    This is soooo great. Congratulations on your new nest. It is beautiful. I cracked up at the tin foil on the TV antennae…I am going to try that!
    Love, Mom


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