Argh! Remind me to stick to smaller projects that I can actually finish before I get sick of them. I’m sure the linen stole I’m knitting will be beautiful when finished, but I’m very bored with it. Resisiting the urge to whip up a quick scarf or baby hat to distract me.
DH and I have made an offer on a home in a small town just 19 miles out of Austin. This is our first time buying a home, luckily our realtor is our friend who had definite opinions about where he’d like to visit us. It’s an older house…which pleases us greatly, but with no central air, a huge deal in central Texas…this of course would be the first thing to happen. Our fingers are crossed.

One thought on “Patience…

  1. Themothership says:

    I am soooo excited for you. My fingers are crossed also. The first thing we did was put central air in this bungalow.
    Did you check with Roscoe first about whether he would approve of the new habitat?
    I am so happy for you both.
    Love, mom


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