Loose Ends


I showed up at my stitch n’ bitch last night without my pointy sticks but with 3 projects that have been waiting to have sleeves stitched & ends woven in. I can’t believe it, but the monster linen stole is finally laying flat on the guest room floor after a couple whirlwind trips through the gentle cycle. Pictures in fini! album at left. ..Baby Bolero too. I’ve been designing a few invitations & announcements recently…will post an album when I take some more shots…the graphics never quite do the pieces justice with out the paper and all. I’m planting a butterfly garden…plants at left. My plant choices… Rue, Lantana, Buddleia, Penta, Passion Vine & Tithonia. These plants are said to attract Giant Swallowtail, Gulf Fritillary, Monarch & Julia Longwing…whatever that is.

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