Dingo Dreams

Album_foxI’ve had some strange dreams about my new dog. And although I recounted these dreams to DH’s horror at a dinner party over the weekend, I’d thought I’d still share them. The night before I dropped her off for her first vet visit I had a dream that the vet called me at work to tell me that I’d brought home a coyote, not a dog. The other night I had a dream that she had somehow turned into a little girl and was up on two legs walking around the house while we were sleeping, now that one is a little creepy…you must admit. The other morning I popped in the latest Neko Case CD and upon glancing upon the cover thought, hmmmmm is this what set that off? interesting, well to me at least. It’s all kinda “Little Red Riding Hood” to me. Did anyone ever have that doll that you flipped the skirt over and she became the grandma, you flipped the hat and it became the wolf? Well, more as I figure out what this all means, or I just roll with it (that’s my usual move, FYI)

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