A Series of Unfortunate Events

Dsc07433_3Everything electromechanical in my world is on the fritz. Each episode is not so great to throw me off track, but the sum of it all is beginning to lose its humor. In a nutshell, and not necessarily in this order… car, cell, DSL, hard drive. My mantra these days is "it’s an event, not a calamity". Most have been fixed, some will wait until  mañana. At what point did I become someone who merely winces and doesn’t smooth flip out when things go haywire? Maybe it’s age, my dogs and husband… or maybe it’s the knitting. Either way, I’m so glad to be this woman instead of the one I was 10 years ago.

Okay, DH is going away for the weekend and there will be no home improvements this weekend. At least not the loud, messy kind. I may start a quilt, make a roller blind, bake apple strudel,set up the soaker hoses… Aahhh, I can hear the quiet already.

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