Feeling Lucky?


Is this not the cutest little guy? Well, he no longer resides in our home but did for a week. I alluded to a puppy a couple posts ago and here’s the scoop (no poop). About 4 weeks ago on a Saturday morning DH and I were drinking coffee in bed, reading the paper, cuddling with dogs…the every weekend stuff, when Maisy came running in crying and made me follow her out back. She led me to this little lab mix who was sleeping under our table saw. We’re not sure if he squoze through the fence or someone just dropped him over our fence ( we are kinda known as suckers in our hood) and it’s not important. Well, we temporarily named him Lucky and promptly began a campaign to find him a great home. His poster claimed that he spoke fluent Pig Latin, made a mean Denver Omelet and could fold fitted sheets. Within a week he had a home. A friend’s sister just moved back to Texas with her husband and two children. They were missionaries in South Africa and had to leave a much-loved dog behind when returning the US. When their daughter saw Lucky she said his name  would be "Kaya", which in the language of the people they lived with in South Africa, means "home". I knew it was meant to be. All reports say everyone is happy as can be.
I am so excited… we’re replacing our windows this weekend! I was a little sad at first to think that my lovely original wooden windows would be replaced with some vinyl clad über efficient ones but I do see the practicality in it all. I’ve never really lived in a home that didn’t have "charming" old windows with 50+ years of paint, broken ropes and a 2×4 or dictionary next to each one to prop it open when we wanted some air. So this will be a truly significant change, one I’m going to embrace instead of fight because I still like a bit of "charm" in my life. I guess I’ll get used to windows I can lock, open easily and don’t whistle on a windy day. I will keep a few to use as frames for some cool letterpress pieces.
Ordered some pretty Heather Bailey fabric to make either some pillow cases or a super pretty apron
I did take some shots of my lovely old windows this morning and will post pics of new ones…might not happen right away since I will be traveling to Wisconsin for work first thing Monday.

One thought on “Feeling Lucky?

  1. Kelly Belly says:

    I love reading your posts. I miss you so much, big sister. I have your x-mas present stuffed behind a chair and your birthday present is ready to go. Is it time??? It’s almost … Memorial Day. Isn’t that when we exchange all gifts for the entire year? I have entered some more photos for the student photo exhibit again this year. One of them is your x-mas present. Shoot. Just gave one gift away. I’ll be sure to shoot some shots of the galleries (this time – even if I don’t make it) so you can see the work of the talented people in the program.
    I love you ❤


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