On and off the needles

French Girl "OCEANE"

with Tahki Yarns "Monterey". I recently knit this pattern with Tilli
Tomas "Disco Lights" on smaller needles to make a scarf.. so I decided
to go it again but a shawl this time, it’s so lovely and drapey. I bet
it would be great in Blue Sky Organic Cotton too. One of my faves is an
icy aqua blue shawl I made in BSOC … I reach for it when I drink my
coffee with the birds and the dogs in the morning. We have a bonafide
red headed woodpecker visiting our yard. The hummingbirds are back and
the feeder’s up.

What had to come off the needles was a poncho with teeny
cables. Great yarn, great color, sweet cables….but I was NEVER and I
mean NEVER going to wear it. I’m not a small girl and the more I
thought about throwing this thick wool blankety thing over my
head…the more I know it was a big mistake. So off the needles it goes.

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