Fall Down Go Boom


I am too terribly excited about ordering two of these pendant lights for my kitchen to be bothered by the hellish heat. Our less than 2-year-old system is freaking out on us. The AC guy we found is nice enough and brings his own beer too. Honestly, we were lucky to find someone on such short notice who has been truly diligent in figuring it out. Luckily all parts are new enough to be under warranty. Good thing since we can’t get the guy who installed it to call us back after a gazillion calls. I swear it’s the last of "friend of a friend" hires for this household. Live and learn.

Oh, I was walking my dogs Friday morning and tripped over Maisy. I made total body contact with the asphalt. Didn’t break anything (went to the doctor) but motor skills were very hindered….still are a bit. Sometimes I catch myself holding my arm like Bob Dole. I could kick myself since I had already bout a Gentle Leader to correct the very behavior that caused the fall but decided to wait to try it on her. Not that it was ever easy to fall on asphalt, but at 42… OY.

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