Viva Las Vegas

BabykellyThis is my little sister Kelly…
she and her man are on the road from Santa Monica to Vegas to get hitched. The nuptials will be performed by the King tomorrow evening. Her first wedding was like a fairy tale replete with all the stress. It was beautiful, but a lot of work for her.  I guess she was looking to just enjoy the moment this time. Good for them. While the couple decided to have a private ceremony…I will be able to check it out via web cast….sign of the times or what?

I spent the better part of last week painting my kitchen cabinets. No I am not done, man did I bite off more than I can chew. I know I’ll be so so happy when they’re done but now I know why everyone grimaced when I told them what I was doing.

I did however finish my Clapotis, a surf inspired baby quilt and begin some socks (or one sock to be exact).

One thought on “Viva Las Vegas

  1. KellyBelly says:

    I love you and miss you, Stacey. I wish you and Jess could be here with us. I hope the photographer (tomorrow) can get a decent shot of us! xoxo


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