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So a couple weeks ago DH peeks over his newspaper and says, "that’s long enough, time to turn the heel . . . those are for me, right?" First of all, where the HELL did he ever learn the phrase "turn the heel"? Really? Also, I was knitting with Socks That Rock in Lagoon and he never passes a chance to let me know how he doesn’t like multi-color yarn… as if every knitted article is for him. Still, it was hard to resist him wanting some hand-knit socks. Just receives some Socks That Rock in Rolling Stone, not a chance in hell he’d go for those colors…next pair’s for me! I am now digging the sock thing.

I am so close to finishing the Dreaded Kitchen Cabinet Project  and we are finally finished with the middle room remodel and the furniture is on it’s way! Well, at least some of it…still shopping to do. Love the seafoamy color, will be perfect with the aqua (Behr Winter Surf) accent wall. We did something very strange and put down a plywood floor. You need to see it to believe it. I will post pics this week, it’s awesome.

I have been so freakin’ busy that I’ve had little time to work on my Ravelry notebook. Not a weekend has gone by this summer when I didn’t have either a paintbrush or caulk in my hands. I’m happy to be knitting a small project or it would seem daunting on top of all the other unfinished home projects.

Have y’all been watching Flight of the Conchords ?

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