You Want me to Hold the Chicken, Huh?


After being in the restaurant business for a huge chunk of my life I always love a movie with a waitress. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, 5 Easy Pieces (ah, I mean Tammy
Wynette, Chopin, Bach and Mozart all in one soundtrack..genius) and
what about Karen Black’s Eyes, Spitfire Grill (one of my new faves). Of course, the queen of ’em all, Mildred Pierce. I once worked with a man who wanted to open a restaurant named after the character. I always imagined it to have drag queens with shoulder pads and deep red lips taking your order while looking at you in great disdain. hmmm.

I’m on a roll with "Steve’s Bubbly Yet Still Manly Curtain". I’m resisting the urge to go down a needle size, I think it should actually shrink up a bit since it’s a linen/cotton blend. This would be a good thing, I could always just roll the sides a bit and baste stitch.

I am trying to get over my serious project monogamy and now have a project at home and the office. Still feels weird, but no more schlepping extra bags to work. I swear it’s like I move in every morning and move out at night.

One thought on “You Want me to Hold the Chicken, Huh?

  1. Sarah says:

    I would totally eat at a restaurant called “Mildred Pierce”!
    Yes, you are not a pack mule – leave one at the office and one at home…. sounds like a plan. Really look forward to seeing that bubbly curtain.
    : )


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