Today is my first day back at the office since before the 12th. I was already planning on taking vacation time for the in-law visit so it was welcome, as was the distraction, really.

Edna and Edsel’s visit was great, made even more fun and easier by DH’s sister Mary coming too. Mary, you are a saint.

Q: At just what age do you just say FUCKIT and buy the largest pair of sunglasses you can find?

I knew it was time for the visit to end when I was grilling burgers the last night and Edna asked, "Where’s your WIndex?"

"Under the sink, why?"

She pointed to my dog nose smudged sliding glass door and said, "I wanna clean that window."

‘Nuff said.

One thought on “Whew!

  1. Mona says:

    Been thinking of you….
    hmmm.glasses? definitely at this point in my life…..I am starting to cease to care what others think about me, it’s between me and my maker…(which at times drives my Mom a bit batty, she thinks she’s my maker, but she is starting to get it)

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