Ouch, that must’ve hurt


DH and I had such a great time at Stitch this past Saturday evening. I knew he’d appreciate the handmade angle of the whole event but was worried he may be a bit bored. Boy was I wrong. He immediately said we needed to split up and browse, he did call mover for a consult on a fine fine piece of stitched art, but otherwise, wandered by his lonesome for over an hour and a half. When I met up with him for the consult, he already had more bags than I did.

I walked in with one small bag and walked out with three bags slung over my shoulder, with one little stowaway clutch some headbands and the cutest vintage button brooch.

Some crafters/artists we purchased our treasures from:

Bolsa Bonita I bought a great messenger bag

Cahoots Handbags    I will so be buying from this woman again, such great bags.

Made by Hank


Round Robin Press  so so sweet, so jealous.

Queen Puff Puff 

Sheriff Peanut

Places I wish I’d looped back around and bought stuff from but will check out online:

Figs and Ginger

Somewhere I wanna take sewing classes:


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