It’s my party and I’ll moo if I want to


I was getting in my car this morning, across the street, I spotted the band of marauding chickens that roam the neighborhood. As I pulled away I looked in my rearview mirror and they were headed straight for my front yard… troublemakers.

Oh, for you other gmailers out there, did you see this google link? I was thrilled to Camilla Engman as one of the artists. i usually like my front page served straight up but will gladly stare at this everyday… at least for a while. Don’t tell her but I use her “stuffies” photos as my screen saver at work.

I ordered Moo cards today. I can’t wait to see them, they are so cute when they’re that age.

Did I mention that I totally f%#*&’d up my Gocco last Friday? I was in such a hurry that I forgot to place a filter and screen. I “etched” my image right on my stage glass… completely hosed it. So I got online, let me tell you, it is not easy to find a PG5 replacement at all. I was more surprised by how little sharing actually happened when I posted about my problems 3 days ago… still not a peep from anyone. I cannot believe I was the first person to f this thing up. I felt that there was a big secret that no one wanted to share. This would so not happen in a group of knitters, NEVER. A knitter will tell you where she got everything and how she did it, and whether you needed the yarn she had left to complete yours, she just would. There was a woman who had done the same thing and posted FOUR MONTHS AGO and didn’t seem to have much of a response from the community. I was persistent though and finally out of desperation I emailed an etsy seller. Although she had not listed this particular part, I asked anyway. I’m happy to say she came through for me, and even happier that I was able to email this other gal with the news. She was so happy. Oh, the seller has not only gocco supplies but the sweetest Japanese fabrics and cotton tapes. Check her out at A Little Goodness

DH and I are throwing our newly proclaimed annual springtime party next weekend. I just got back from spending my lunch break at Ecowise where I purchased compostable/biodegradable plates, cups, napkins and enough to go containers to send my guests home with a snack for later. Our friend Is smoking a whole mess of brisket, chicken and sausage and I’ve ordered enough cherry, peach, apple and buttermilk fried pies to make everyone’s tummy ache. The last time I tried to throw a party and told everyone not to bother bringing anything… they brought something. I think it’s just something in the Southern or Texan DNA that will not allow them to even think of showing up without a dish. So I decided not to fight it…. bring on your potato, Jello and carrot salads… I’m ready. I’m sorry but spring just rocks here. I know, I know… it rocks everywhere, but it really rocks in rural Texas. If you’re in the area, come on by.

One thought on “It’s my party and I’ll moo if I want to

  1. Mona says:

    ohh so much fun! If I thought a marion berry pie would make it, I’d ship one off. They are awesome, providing of course it isn’t one that accidentally has a dirt clump baked into it. That has happened don’t ya know. Have a great time!!!!


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