“I Love Playing the Harmonica”


Definitely my favorite quote of the day… shouted out by a coworker. I work with some interesting people.

Tomorrow DH is heading off for the weekend. Aaaah, just me and the dogs, the cat and a stack of movies. I am so looking forward to unwinding. I picked up Twist again this week, I’d put it down for a while. I was on a brainless meditative dishcloth binge, but I’m back and ready to knit.

I just ordered my gocco replacement part so will not be printing up the storm I’d hoped to this weekend

My List for this weekend

Potluck Friday at friend’s
knit some more of Twist
Visit my LYS for a book signing
Buy yarn
Cut denim skirt to less Branch Davidian length and add patchwork bias binding on bottom
Pick green beans from garden for Salade Niçoise
Lay on hammock and read the pile of magazines I picked up for the weekend… I am a magazine freak
Sew wrap skirt (if I’m not too lazy)

Please note that this weekends list of things to do while DH is away is all about quiet, regeneration and beauty, unlike the home improvement, chore laden ones of the past two years. Finally the pay off for all the hard work.

One thought on ““I Love Playing the Harmonica”

  1. Ahna says:

    I’m coming to your house to live your life for just a day or two.
    That sounded kind of stalker-ish. That’s not at all what I meant.
    What I meant to say was this:
    Gosh, your life sounds great! I am going to take careful notes and a big deep breath and try to spend a weekend like you!
    I am going to make an effort to weed my garden and plant some herbs and lay in the sun chair and read some magazines (Me too! Love them!) and maybe throw something on the grill and think about dusting off the sewing machine and tell The Littles that it’s ok. Cereal makes a wonderful dinner! Have another bowl…


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