tomatoes and dog hair

today's tomatoes
why I will NEVER have a clean house.  We are such weeny dog owners. really. I can only imagine what kind of demon child we would have if we'd had one. Stomping all through the house, painting the walls with grape jelly, potty mouthed, and probably smoking by kindergarten.

2 thoughts on “tomatoes and dog hair

  1. Mona says:

    I agree about letting them sleep with us, the thing is… mine won’t! I toss and turn way to much for my feline, and even for my canine house guests! Lance (pooch) tried it one night, and he has spent the last four nights on my couch. ha! Only time Adonis slept with me was when I got home from a week away back east. I got him for two whole nights…..

  2. Sarah says:

    From one weeny dog owner to another – is there any other way to have a dog? I can’t sleep without Sam in our bed!
    : )

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